Essential Services During Enhanced Stay Home Restrictions (“Circuit Breaker”)

Dear All, in view of the government’s enhanced stay home restrictions, our clinic will focus on provision of essential medical services. Essential services include:

  • Fitness evaluation/management for COVID-19 research
  • Fitness evaluation/management for Infectious disease research
  • Respirator fit-testing for infectious disease work
  • Treatment and management of work-related injuries/diseases including divers

For other services, we will operate via teleconference/email until after Circuit Breaker:

  • Animal Work Health Questionnaire evaluations
  • BSL2 Health Questionnaire evaluations

Services that will be delayed till after Circuity Breaker:

  • New Dental Student Health Screening
  • Statutory Medical Examinations
  • Fitness evaluation for New Scientific and Commercial Divers

Do contact us if you have any queries/concerns. Stay healthy and stay safe!